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Sublime Fund is a platform for charitable giving that allows users to set up recurring donations to multiple charities.
Yes. The IRS recognizes us as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, so your donations are tax-deductible.
No. We do deduct the costs of payment processing and distributing the funds to the charities, but we don't take any amount of your donations for ourselves. Besides the donations, it doesn't cost anything to use Sublime Fund.
As a charity ourselves, we are currently self-funded. Our goal is to minimize our own costs and maximize the amount of money going to other charities.
We use Stripe, a secure, PCI compliant service to handle our payment processing. Your full credit card number never even reaches us.
For American Express cards, the payment processing cost is 3.5% of the charge. For all other cards, the cost is 2.2% of the charge plus $0.30. For distributing the funds to charities, it costs us $0.95 to send each check using Lob.
Your donations will be made on the last day of each month. Later, we may allow you to choose when you would like to be charged.
Not yet. For now, we are focused on encouraging recurring donations. We believe that charities are tackling difficult, persistent problems, so they deserve our sustained support.
We are constantly adding new charities. Please let us know if there is one in particular that you would like us to add.
You can create a match offer for any charity to incentivize others to donate to it. When people visit your referral page or public profile and then create new subscriptions, you'll match their first month's donations up to your specified limit. The limit is on the total amount, not on the amount per match.
Yes, as long as no one has used your offer yet.
Yes, but it can't be lower than the total amount that has already been committed to matches.
No, but you can always increase the amount for your existing offer.
You may occassionally see an offer to earn an account credit by completing certain actions such as referring a new user. Credits are automatically applied when we charge you, which lowers the amount you pay, but your charities still get the intended donations. Credits apply after you donate $20.00 or more. We also have a minimum charge of $1.00, so if your credits can't cover the entire charge, we'll apply your credits partially and roll over what's left.
No, the referral credits are only valid if the person you refer is a brand new Sublime Fund user. We reserve the right to cancel credits at our discretion (such as when they are improperly earned).
Credits may expire one year after they are earned.
We typically distribute funds about a week after we charge users for donations. For most distributions, we send checks to the charity addresses that are on file with the IRS. We do require a minimum balance of $30 for each charity for distributions by check (so that the $0.95 cost of sending the check is an acceptably low percentage of the amount).
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